Review: Sweety Nudy 3 Tones Blue


Hey dolls!
I really need to use this blog for more than just lens reviews, but today is not that day!
Today I'll review Sweety Nudy 3 Tones Blue, sponsored from Uniqso.

Brand: Sweety
Size: 14,5mm
Water content: 40%
Base curve: 8,6mm
Lifespan: 1 year
Available in prescription 0.00 to -7.00

☆ If you shop at Uniqso, use coupon code cosma for a discount ☆

Design: 4/5
I love the design of these lenses, even over my brown eyes they show a beautiful light blue shade! I was worried that they would turn up slightly green because of the golden center, but that was not the case. The only downside of the design is that they tend to slide to the side and expose the transparent part, that is quite big. But I've actually started to like how it looks, but I don't think it was intentional.

Picture taken with indoor lightning.

Comfort: 3/5
I usually have bigger lenses (15-16mm) so these should be more comfortable, but that was unfortunately not the case. Due to the low water content these are not as comfortable, and tend to sting now and then when I wear them longer times. But they are still comfortable, but maybe not for a whole day like many of my other lenses.

Pictures taken with natural light.

Communication and shipping: 5/5
As always, Uniqso's customer service and handling is smooth and shipping insanely fast (with DHL), I got the lenses in my hand, straight to my door, after just a few days. Really never any complains, they always reply within a day and are always very polite. I have experience dealing with Uniqso before I was sponsored, and it's really the best customer service I've ever encountered, glad to see their standard is the same every time I order!

Overall: 4/5
Really like these lenses, the design is vivid and bright and gives the eyes a really nice touch, even with the "small" 14,5mm diameter. They are great for both dark and light looks, even if I prefer them with lighter make-up. In the future I think I will check out more lenses from Sweety, they have a lot of other designs that I would love to try!

Some of my favourite looks with these lenses;

Until next time dolls. 
☆ If you shop at Uniqso, use coupon code cosma for a discount ☆

Review: I.Fairy Super Crystal Grey


Hey dolls!
I'm back with another lens review, this time for I.Fairy Super Crystal Grey, sponsored from Uniqso.

Brand: I.Fairy (Vassen)
Size: 16.2mm
Water content: 55%
Base curve: 8,6mm
Lifespan: 1 year
Available in prescription 0.00 to -8.00

☆ If you shop at Uniqso, use coupon code cosma for a discount ☆

Design: 5/5
The design is really the best thing about these lenses! I do admit I was worried how they would look on me, but I really love the unique look they give, and it works perfect for both darker and sweeter looks. First time I try lenses without an outer rim, and I really love them, even with the 16.2mm size they don't look too "bug eyed". I'm sure they would be great for a lot of cosplay's too, like Maria from Vampire Knight.

Comfort: 5/5
I was worried these lenses would be uncomfortable because of the size, but no, I'm used to wearing lenses so I do know how uncomfortable lenses feel! No problem with discomfort whatsoever, my eyes didn't even get dry after some hours of wear. Always be careful with lenses and listen to your body, if your eyes hurts, take them out.

Communication and shipping: 5/5
As always, Uniqso's customer service and handling is smooth and shipping insanely fast (DHL), I got the lenses in my hand, straight to my door, after just a few days. Really never any complains, they always reply within a day and are always very polite. I have experience dealing with Uniqso before I was sponsored, and it's really the best customer service I've ever encountered.

Overall: 5/5
These really are some of my favourite lenses, I will most likely buy another pair when these expire. I really like the effect they give with darker make-up, as well as for more cute looks, they're so viable!
Another big plus is that they are available with prescription down to -8.00.

Some more selfies, until next time dolls. 

☆ If you shop at Uniqso, use coupon code cosma for a discount ☆

Trends I would like to see this autumn.

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Summer is now officially over, as we enter the more cold (and spooky) part of the year!
My summer was great, one month in Tokyo, and the rest in Sweden with my friends.
Japan was a blast, I will upload things about it when I have the energy haha.. Hope you dolls also had a good summer. ♡

Now, lets focus on Autumn, here are some trends I really want to see this season!

"Babe" by Beanie Babes // "I don't have friends, just pets" by KokoPie // "Witch" by Beanie Babes

Keep your head warm while still looking great!
I'm currently using my very worn our simple beanie, but I would love to get an embroidered one.
The witch one would be a perfect finish for all black outfits, or why not find an old beanie and DIY? The possibilities are endless.

2 Piece Tartan set by Glitters For Dinner // Lambswool Tartan Scarf by Gretna Green // Flannel Tartan Shirt by Supreme

Is there any pattern more autumn-y than tartan? Didn't think so.
Something tartan patterned is a great way to lift any outfit, or why not just make a tartan outfit?
I wear my tartan scarf all year round, so in the summer it doubles as a picnic planket.
Invest in something soft and tartan now when the cold starts to bite.

Fluffy Beret - eBay // Every colour of beret you'll ever need - eBay // Needle Felted beret by karismatique boutique

Another autumn staple is the beret, the soft felt kind.
Get one to match with every outfit, or get an eye-catching one and let that do the work.
They never go out of style, and are great DIY projects!

"Vamp" by Anastasia Beverly Hills // "Unicorn Blood" by Jeffree Star Cosmetics // "Maroon Masquerade" by Makeup Monsters

With the darker weather comes darker make-up, and dark lips is one of the looks I'm going to go for this autumn!
But what's even better than dark lipstick? Dark liquid lipstick!
Enjoy a dark lip without the fear of smearing it on your scarf or getting your hair stuck in it, just remember to exfoliate.

I'm a sucker for Westwood year round, but this autumn I'm 100% supporting the iconic Westwood orb.
Just my hand on one of my dream Westwood items, a big flat orb necklace, and I'm planning on using it a lot this season.

1 - KokoPie Shop // 2 - Disturbia Clothing // 3 - KoKoPie Shop

Wednesday Adams really never go out of style, but in the autumn and Halloween days, it's more in style than ever.
Also perfect for those colder days, with extra tights and a scarf.
Pair with a dark lipstick and celebrate Halloween everyday!

These are the trends I'm hoping to sport soon!
Of course that doesn't mean I will stay away from J-fashion, this autumn I'm aiming for a lot of cult party-kei and old school lolita..
What are your autumn time favourites?
Until next time dolls. ♡

I just came from Gatsby's


Some days ago I went to a fancy dinner with my class, it's just a few days until graduation, so it's one of the last time I'll see them.. They handed out "the class ..." to everyone, and I got "the class celebrity" haha, most people in my class know about my blogging life.. Hard not to!

Anyway, it was a lot of fun, and we had a theme! The theme was "I just came from...", and naturally, for a fancy dinner, I just came from Gatsby's. Any chance to dress fancy! We stopped outside our door to take some pictures.

The wonderful dress is from here, but is currently sold out, and the headpiece is handmade.
(and cigarette is borrowed from Anti)

Close-up of my rings, all from H&M. Necklace from here.

Until next time dolls! I'm very busy right now since I'm soon going to Tokyo, but I promise to blog about it. 

3 selfies, 3 meals, 3 "things" and 3 outfits.


Hi dolls! Worst blogger ever checking in.. This update will focus on 3 selfies, 3 meals, 3 "things" and 3 outfits that happened since last time I blogged! (if you want daily updates about what I do I suggest following my instagram, I'm most active there!)

1. Office selfie
My hair got yet another makeover, dark blue and shorter than ever. All because a Great Gatsby themed party.
I do most things for The Great Gatsby..

2. Train selfie
Photoshoot day! Clown/ragdoll girl, the pictures turned out super cool, will show them later.

3. Restaurant selfie
I went to a Zelda concert. Zelda. Concert. (Symphony of the Goddesses) it was beyond words-amazing. I also used the occasion to introduce my Majoras Mask pin (made from the necklace you got when you pre-ordered the game for 3DS)!
And I bleached my hair, hence the light blue mess.

1. Halloumi Tikki-Masala from Babajan
Having dinner at the office. The pros of having an office under a restaurant!

2. Sushi at Sushi Yama
PB treated me some sushi after a long, hard day.. He's a lifesaver. Sushi Yama is a good to-go sushi chain if you're in Sweden.

3. ??? at China
"Real" Chinese food at one of the best Chinese restaurants in Stockholm (it's just named "China", no joke).
Everything that we ordered was super tasty, except the way too bitter tea.

1. Endigo
Technically I guess he's not a thing, but now he is. Spent quite some time with this old friend of mine lately, he's one of the people I've known for years. He's a really talented musician/producer and youtuber (and a lotta' other things), check him out!
(My black velver cut out top from BABY&doll also deserved some space in this post)

2. Flowers
My boyfriend traveled to his hometown (about 5-7 hours away) to celebrate his sister. But when he was gone he sent me flowers. That smooth bastard, making me blush even miles away from me..

3. My new awesome cup
I'm not going to lie, I've always wanted to work at Black Mesa. So when PB came back and gave me this I was really overwhelmed with joy! If you have no idea what Black Mesa is, you have a wonderful game experience ahead of you.. (go google it! ..or I'll do it for you)

1. Underwear as dresses, no problem!
Casual and kinda simple for a day at the office, the dress/babydoll sparkles really beautifully, but it won't get captured on camera..
Top, pin: BABY&doll // Dress: H&M // Necklace: SheInside // Shoes: Taobao // Beret: Second hand

2. Weekday lolita meet
 Went to a lolita meet arranged by my babe Jen!
Dress: "Cherry Patterned Mesh OP" from Baby, the Stars Shines Bright // Wig: Dream Holic //
Bag: eBay // Glasses, necklace: BABY&doll // Shoes, socks, beret: Taobao

3. Forest fairy/Cult Party-kei
Finally had a chance to dress up in my favourite style ever, Cult Party! Went to a cosplay picnic in town and met up with some people, accidentally matched with my dear friend Gabriel, and went around town and did stuff. (had doughnuts, bought books, had fika etc, also waited for PB's train, for 9 HOURS)
Night set, pin, robe, necklace: BABY&doll // Tights: Sandy's Shop // Skirt, shoes, tote, wig: Taobao //
Headband: Gift from my friend // Veil (actually a tablecloth): Åhléns

That's all for this time dolls!

I'm the worst blogger ever


For a fashion blogger I don't do much, you know.. Blogging. Since it was forever ago I updated I'll do a quick timeline of everything that's has happened, featuring my instagram photos!

Here we go.

Me, my babydoll, and a looot of other people went on a cruise to Riga, what a party that was..

Went and saw Dracula Untold with my kokoro ~


..and I left New York.

Photo shoots and stuff being crammed in when I had time.

My little sister had her birthday! I always forget her age but happy birthday sis ♡ 

I wore matching outfits with my crush..

And we had a lot of cozy evenings!

I went to see the last Hobbit movie. (hated it)

And suddenly it was Christmas
With the snow, presents, family, christmas-y stuff, the whole package. (loved it)

Then something happened to my hair!

And to my crush's hair, and I started calling him my boyfriend..
We attended my space themed New Years party as King and Queen of the galaxy. ♡

Just some of the variating styles I've tried this year..! Do you have a favourite look?

I held a fashion show for my brand BABY&doll at Nerdify/Stockholmsmässan.

aaand I cut my hair. Again.

I had the time of my life at my birthday thingy, which I also made a video about..

My hair changes faster than my mood..

And my birthday never ends, I hosted (with two friends) a huge birthday party (that I sadly don't remember too much of..) and had a blast. The theme was "when I grow up I want to be..", and of course I was a dragon, with a pretty kidnapped prince. ♡

This is the biggest thing that happened: YOLK studios. I'm now a designer at YOLK studios!
What a time to be alive, I really believe in this, so check out our website what it's all about!

Time flew by and Valentines day was the only day really worth mentioning here.

NärCon Vinter selfies! Featuring even shorter hair and then a wig from Dream Holic. ♡ I was there as YOLK, and made animations for Cosplay-SM and other things that needed to become pretty. ~

I really hope I won't abandon my blog like this again..
As long as you, my followers, don't abandon it I promise to update more frequently!
See you later dolls ♡