3 selfies, 3 meals, 3 "things" and 3 outfits.

Hi dolls! Worst blogger ever checking in.. This update will focus on 3 selfies, 3 meals, 3 "things" and 3 outfits that happened since last time I blogged! (if you want daily updates about what I do I suggest following my instagram, I'm most active there!)

1. Office selfie
My hair got yet another makeover, dark blue and shorter than ever. All because a Great Gatsby themed party.
I do most things for The Great Gatsby..

2. Train selfie
Photoshoot day! Clown/ragdoll girl, the pictures turned out super cool, will show them later.

3. Restaurant selfie
I went to a Zelda concert. Zelda. Concert. (Symphony of the Goddesses) it was beyond words-amazing. I also used the occasion to introduce my Majoras Mask pin (made from the necklace you got when you pre-ordered the game for 3DS)!
And I bleached my hair, hence the light blue mess.

1. Halloumi Tikki-Masala from Babajan
Having dinner at the office. The pros of having an office under a restaurant!

2. Sushi at Sushi Yama
PB treated me some sushi after a long, hard day.. He's a lifesaver. Sushi Yama is a good to-go sushi chain if you're in Sweden.

3. ??? at China
"Real" Chinese food at one of the best Chinese restaurants in Stockholm (it's just named "China", no joke).
Everything that we ordered was super tasty, except the way too bitter tea.

1. Endigo
Technically I guess he's not a thing, but now he is. Spent quite some time with this old friend of mine lately, he's one of the people I've known for years. He's a really talented musician/producer and youtuber (and a lotta' other things), check him out!
(My black velver cut out top from BABY&doll also deserved some space in this post)

2. Flowers
My boyfriend traveled to his hometown (about 5-7 hours away) to celebrate his sister. But when he was gone he sent me flowers. That smooth bastard, making me blush even miles away from me..

3. My new awesome cup
I'm not going to lie, I've always wanted to work at Black Mesa. So when PB came back and gave me this I was really overwhelmed with joy! If you have no idea what Black Mesa is, you have a wonderful game experience ahead of you.. (go google it! ..or I'll do it for you)

1. Underwear as dresses, no problem!
Casual and kinda simple for a day at the office, the dress/babydoll sparkles really beautifully, but it won't get captured on camera..
Top, pin: BABY&doll // Dress: H&M // Necklace: SheInside // Shoes: Taobao // Beret: Second hand

2. Weekday lolita meet
 Went to a lolita meet arranged by my babe Jen!
Dress: "Cherry Patterned Mesh OP" from Baby, the Stars Shines Bright // Wig: Dream Holic //
Bag: eBay // Glasses, necklace: BABY&doll // Shoes, socks, beret: Taobao

3. Forest fairy/Cult Party-kei
Finally had a chance to dress up in my favourite style ever, Cult Party! Went to a cosplay picnic in town and met up with some people, accidentally matched with my dear friend Gabriel, and went around town and did stuff. (had doughnuts, bought books, had fika etc, also waited for PB's train, for 9 HOURS)
Night set, pin, robe, necklace: BABY&doll // Tights: Sandy's Shop // Skirt, shoes, tote, wig: Taobao //
Headband: Gift from my friend // Veil (actually a tablecloth): Åhléns

That's all for this time dolls!

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2 Responses to “3 selfies, 3 meals, 3 "things" and 3 outfits.”

  1. Really awesome looks! * \ ( ^ o ^ ) / * ♡

  2. Do you have a link or do you remember what you search on taobao to get those black platform shoes? ;_; And is the material in suede? O: