Trends I would like to see this autumn.

Summer is now officially over, as we enter the more cold (and spooky) part of the year!
My summer was great, one month in Tokyo, and the rest in Sweden with my friends.
Japan was a blast, I will upload things about it when I have the energy haha.. Hope you dolls also had a good summer. ♡

Now, lets focus on Autumn, here are some trends I really want to see this season!

"Babe" by Beanie Babes // "I don't have friends, just pets" by KokoPie // "Witch" by Beanie Babes

Keep your head warm while still looking great!
I'm currently using my very worn our simple beanie, but I would love to get an embroidered one.
The witch one would be a perfect finish for all black outfits, or why not find an old beanie and DIY? The possibilities are endless.

2 Piece Tartan set by Glitters For Dinner // Lambswool Tartan Scarf by Gretna Green // Flannel Tartan Shirt by Supreme

Is there any pattern more autumn-y than tartan? Didn't think so.
Something tartan patterned is a great way to lift any outfit, or why not just make a tartan outfit?
I wear my tartan scarf all year round, so in the summer it doubles as a picnic planket.
Invest in something soft and tartan now when the cold starts to bite.

Fluffy Beret - eBay // Every colour of beret you'll ever need - eBay // Needle Felted beret by karismatique boutique

Another autumn staple is the beret, the soft felt kind.
Get one to match with every outfit, or get an eye-catching one and let that do the work.
They never go out of style, and are great DIY projects!

"Vamp" by Anastasia Beverly Hills // "Unicorn Blood" by Jeffree Star Cosmetics // "Maroon Masquerade" by Makeup Monsters

With the darker weather comes darker make-up, and dark lips is one of the looks I'm going to go for this autumn!
But what's even better than dark lipstick? Dark liquid lipstick!
Enjoy a dark lip without the fear of smearing it on your scarf or getting your hair stuck in it, just remember to exfoliate.

I'm a sucker for Westwood year round, but this autumn I'm 100% supporting the iconic Westwood orb.
Just my hand on one of my dream Westwood items, a big flat orb necklace, and I'm planning on using it a lot this season.

1 - KokoPie Shop // 2 - Disturbia Clothing // 3 - KoKoPie Shop

Wednesday Adams really never go out of style, but in the autumn and Halloween days, it's more in style than ever.
Also perfect for those colder days, with extra tights and a scarf.
Pair with a dark lipstick and celebrate Halloween everyday!

These are the trends I'm hoping to sport soon!
Of course that doesn't mean I will stay away from J-fashion, this autumn I'm aiming for a lot of cult party-kei and old school lolita..
What are your autumn time favourites?
Until next time dolls. ♡

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