I'm the worst blogger ever

For a fashion blogger I don't do much, you know.. Blogging. Since it was forever ago I updated I'll do a quick timeline of everything that's has happened, featuring my instagram photos!

Here we go.

Me, my babydoll, and a looot of other people went on a cruise to Riga, what a party that was..

Went and saw Dracula Untold with my kokoro ~


..and I left New York.

Photo shoots and stuff being crammed in when I had time.

My little sister had her birthday! I always forget her age but happy birthday sis ♡ 

I wore matching outfits with my crush..

And we had a lot of cozy evenings!

I went to see the last Hobbit movie. (hated it)

And suddenly it was Christmas
With the snow, presents, family, christmas-y stuff, the whole package. (loved it)

Then something happened to my hair!

And to my crush's hair, and I started calling him my boyfriend..
We attended my space themed New Years party as King and Queen of the galaxy. ♡

Just some of the variating styles I've tried this year..! Do you have a favourite look?

I held a fashion show for my brand BABY&doll at Nerdify/Stockholmsmässan.

aaand I cut my hair. Again.

I had the time of my life at my birthday thingy, which I also made a video about..

My hair changes faster than my mood..

And my birthday never ends, I hosted (with two friends) a huge birthday party (that I sadly don't remember too much of..) and had a blast. The theme was "when I grow up I want to be..", and of course I was a dragon, with a pretty kidnapped prince. ♡

This is the biggest thing that happened: YOLK studios. I'm now a designer at YOLK studios!
What a time to be alive, I really believe in this, so check out our website what it's all about!

Time flew by and Valentines day was the only day really worth mentioning here.

NärCon Vinter selfies! Featuring even shorter hair and then a wig from Dream Holic. ♡ I was there as YOLK, and made animations for Cosplay-SM and other things that needed to become pretty. ~

I really hope I won't abandon my blog like this again..
As long as you, my followers, don't abandon it I promise to update more frequently!
See you later dolls ♡

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4 Responses to “I'm the worst blogger ever”

  1. The violet hairdo is very becoming on you.

  2. I'm happy to get to read something after this long time of waiting again and it didn't even feel that long, thanks to the fact that I can follow your steps on IG, too.
    I never said it out loud but you and your galaxy king/kidnapped prince/crush/boyfriend look absolutley gorgeous together and I'm happy and wish you two the best of luck and that you make each other happy c:
    Such a super fashionable couple, wow.

    That you are truly inspirational to be are no news... but, oh well.
    You look great and I would be happy to read more online here, again :D

  3. You look always perfect and I'm so glad you have a blog too! I definitely follow you here too and can't wait to see more posts *_*

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