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On Wednesdays we wear pink, so get in loser - we're going shopping


About a week ago my sister coloured her hair pink/lilac, and yesterday my mum coloured her hair pink.. Suddenly I was the only person in our household without pink hair, so naturally I also coloured mine! I used L'OREAL Préférence Pastell Hair: Soft Rosé directly on my hair (left it in 20 minutes), because that's what we had at home. Since my hair had a blue tone it turned more lilac.

Here's the outcome!

 Naturally I matched it with a pink and light pastel outfit, because it's Wednesday.
Spent most of my day in town, had lunch with a friend, took a fika and went shopping!
 Beret: eBay // Tights: Sandy's Shop // Earring: Handmade // Everything else: Taobao

Here's a closeup of my adorable tights from Sandy's Shop;
Pastel stars and unicorns? Yes please! Use code "cosmashanti" for a discount ☆

Here's my shopping loot for today!
Giving you a little hint about my current favourite fashion trends. ♡
White striped mesh top from H&M that I've been looking at for a while!
And an impulse buy, an adorable top from Monki.

Black and white braid keychain from Monki // Blush, earrings, eyeshadow and shimmer mist from H&M //
Pearl earclips from Glitter // Two necklaces from Ur&Penn

 Also bought this little guy because he was like 5 SEK;

That's all from this very pink Wednesday dolls. 

Some almost recent outfits ☆


Best, sweater, ever. It's super comfy and has pockets, enough said.
Sweater: LONG clothing // Shirt, tights: H&M // Shoes: eBay

Autumn is dark but I'm darker, cozy outfit for a game night.
Facemask: eBay // Necklace: H&M // Everything else: taobao

Some random cozy outfit with my sweater thingy.
Sweater: SheInside // Beret: eBay // Everything else: Taobao

Loving this outfit, and my new milk carton sweater!
Scarf: eBay // Skirt: H&M // Sweater, shoes, socks: Taobao // Beret: Second Hand

Creepy cute outfit, because it's soon halloween!
Sweater: Himistore // Shoes, pin, choker: Taobao // Horns: handmade

Finally cult party-kei with lots of layers again, since it's getting cold here. Based the coord of my new dress from SheInside!
Beanie: eBay // Scarf, cardigans, dress, belt, doll: Second hand // Skirt: Taobao //
Bottom dress: SheInside // Pin, cross: BABY&doll // Shoes: Bodyline // Bag: Beyond Retro

A bit classy coord with my new tights from Sandy's Shop ♡ Use coupon code "cosmashanti" for 10% off!
Beret: eBay // Sweater: Second Hand // Tights: Sandy's Shop // Skirt, necklace, pin, shoes: Taobao

Better picture of my face, I made an earring out of some things I had at home.

Me and Thomas went clubbing as matching vampires! Using my Beuberry Vivid Red lenses, review here.

Thats all for this time dolls ♡
Thinking of doing a video review of my new taobao things, so keep connected!

REVIEW: Beuberry Vivid Red


Hi dolls!
Last week I got my first sponsored package from Uniqso, containing a pair of wonderful circle lenses! The lenses I choose was
Beuberry Vivid Red, a pair of intense red lenses, perfect for halloween. ♡

☆ If you shop at Uniqso, use coupon code cosma for a 10% discount ☆

The unopened lens jars, together with a pair of big lens cases I got for free.

Everything arrived safely inside this cute little box filled with bubble wrap, and I got everything within just a few days!
Note: I'm nearsighted so I need to have prescription lenses, hence the "-3.00" marks, if you don't have a prescription you just choose -0.00 for both eyes.

The backside of the lenses, still looking really intense.

But the front, wow, couldn't wait to try them on!

Beuberry Vivid Red

Brand: Beuberry (SUNnBON)
Size: 16mm
Water content: 55%
Base curve: 8,6mm
Lifespan: 1 year
Available in prescription 0.00 to -6.00
Made in Korea

Design: 5/5
I was a little worried about the design of these lenses, they looked quite bright and had a harsh inner ring, something that I don't personally like.. But I was pleasantly surprised when I tried them on! They look way better than I thought, and gave the effect I was looking for.

Comfort: 5/5

I'm used to wearing lenses so I do know how uncomfortable lenses feel! No problem with discomfort whatsoever, my eyes didn't even get dry after some hours of wear. Always be careful with lenses and listen to your body, if your eyes hurts, take them out.

Communication and shipping: 5/5
Uniqso has the best customer service ever! I say this as both before and after being sponsored, as I've bought from them before. Shipping was insanely fast (DHL), and it was delivered straight to my door, so I got the lenses in my hand after just a few days.

Overall: 5/5
Really happy with these lenses and sponsorship, these will be great for halloween! And they really looked exactly like in the picture. Check out some other great looks for Halloween!

Worn photos:

☆ If you shop at Uniqso, use coupon code cosma for a 10% discount ☆

Butterfly Maze [MV]

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Yesterday was the final day of recording for Crestillion's new music video Butterfly Maze!
It's the third music video I'm in and I'm really looking forward to the end results, the footage so far looks great.

Petri and Kitcha doing some last minute fixes


Endigo invading my selfies

Black + white + colourful hair to match the band!
Shirt: H&M // Skirt, choker: Taobao // Glasses, jacket, shoes, beret: eBay

A little teaser for the upcoming music video!

Psst, I also made myself a Facebook page, like it and make my day. ♡



Quick outfit and make-up for early friday, for going to psychologist + school.
Skirt, shirt, bag: H&M // Scarf: Second hand // Beret, phone case: eBay

I went home and switched clothes, did the rest of my make-up and went to Kawaii International's event at Kawaiidesign in Stockholm! So many fabulous people, wow !
(excuse me for some blurry/bad pictures, it was way too dark and I was all shaky haha)

I tried to take a group picture but my babydoll came running at me.. Then my waifu, and then Amanda..

Kawaii Badass/my kokoro Mikuru

My Babydoll Jen looking adorable in pastel Cult Party-kei

Always adorable Robin in lolita and Amanda, looking like something straight out of an old shojo manga!

Teppo is just.. Wow!

The wonderful panda queen aka Agnes rocking a plaid BABY, the Stars Shines Bright dress with a leather jacket,
some serious autumn inspiration right here!

I saw cult party cuties!

I myself was matching with my sis, brown haired strawberry twins! ♡

Blouse, skirt: Taobao // Tights, wig, cherry: eBay // Ribbon: Beyond Retro // Beret: Second hand // Shoes: Bodyline

After the event at Kawaiidesign we went out to celebrate my silver sibling Zero!
First we went to a karaoke bar called KARA&E, we sung everything from Abba to Metallica to Pink Floyd to Lady Gaga.. Then we went to Göta Källare, really grown fond of that place! (and my name was on the VIP list so we all got in for free).
Some wonderful pictures from the evening;

Daniel jumped in and tried to copy my pose..

The clones (birthday boy himself included!).. And John.

Pella, aka babe of the universe.

Ending this with the best group photo ever taken;