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On Wednesdays we wear pink, so get in loser - we're going shopping


About a week ago my sister coloured her hair pink/lilac, and yesterday my mum coloured her hair pink.. Suddenly I was the only person in our household without pink hair, so naturally I also coloured mine! I used L'OREAL Préférence Pastell Hair: Soft Rosé directly on my hair (left it in 20 minutes), because that's what we had at home. Since my hair had a blue tone it turned more lilac.

Here's the outcome!

 Naturally I matched it with a pink and light pastel outfit, because it's Wednesday.
Spent most of my day in town, had lunch with a friend, took a fika and went shopping!
 Beret: eBay // Tights: Sandy's Shop // Earring: Handmade // Everything else: Taobao

Here's a closeup of my adorable tights from Sandy's Shop;
Pastel stars and unicorns? Yes please! Use code "cosmashanti" for a discount ☆

Here's my shopping loot for today!
Giving you a little hint about my current favourite fashion trends. ♡
White striped mesh top from H&M that I've been looking at for a while!
And an impulse buy, an adorable top from Monki.

Black and white braid keychain from Monki // Blush, earrings, eyeshadow and shimmer mist from H&M //
Pearl earclips from Glitter // Two necklaces from Ur&Penn

 Also bought this little guy because he was like 5 SEK;

That's all from this very pink Wednesday dolls. 

Some almost recent outfits ☆


Best, sweater, ever. It's super comfy and has pockets, enough said.
Sweater: LONG clothing // Shirt, tights: H&M // Shoes: eBay

Autumn is dark but I'm darker, cozy outfit for a game night.
Facemask: eBay // Necklace: H&M // Everything else: taobao

Some random cozy outfit with my sweater thingy.
Sweater: SheInside // Beret: eBay // Everything else: Taobao

Loving this outfit, and my new milk carton sweater!
Scarf: eBay // Skirt: H&M // Sweater, shoes, socks: Taobao // Beret: Second Hand

Creepy cute outfit, because it's soon halloween!
Sweater: Himistore // Shoes, pin, choker: Taobao // Horns: handmade

Finally cult party-kei with lots of layers again, since it's getting cold here. Based the coord of my new dress from SheInside!
Beanie: eBay // Scarf, cardigans, dress, belt, doll: Second hand // Skirt: Taobao //
Bottom dress: SheInside // Pin, cross: BABY&doll // Shoes: Bodyline // Bag: Beyond Retro

A bit classy coord with my new tights from Sandy's Shop ♡ Use coupon code "cosmashanti" for 10% off!
Beret: eBay // Sweater: Second Hand // Tights: Sandy's Shop // Skirt, necklace, pin, shoes: Taobao

Better picture of my face, I made an earring out of some things I had at home.

Me and Thomas went clubbing as matching vampires! Using my Beuberry Vivid Red lenses, review here.

Thats all for this time dolls ♡
Thinking of doing a video review of my new taobao things, so keep connected!