I just came from Gatsby's

Some days ago I went to a fancy dinner with my class, it's just a few days until graduation, so it's one of the last time I'll see them.. They handed out "the class ..." to everyone, and I got "the class celebrity" haha, most people in my class know about my blogging life.. Hard not to!

Anyway, it was a lot of fun, and we had a theme! The theme was "I just came from...", and naturally, for a fancy dinner, I just came from Gatsby's. Any chance to dress fancy! We stopped outside our door to take some pictures.

The wonderful dress is from here, but is currently sold out, and the headpiece is handmade.
(and cigarette is borrowed from Anti)

Close-up of my rings, all from H&M. Necklace from here.

Until next time dolls! I'm very busy right now since I'm soon going to Tokyo, but I promise to blog about it. 

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3 Responses to “I just came from Gatsby's”

  1. They look good on you and I love your makeup. * \ ( ^ o ^ ) / * ♡

  2. Wonderful outfit *-* I think you're made of perfection <3

  3. Owww *-* i love your hair *-*
    Your outfit is very beautiful <3