Second hand Söder

Today I had fika with my lovely little ant Elsa ♡
We went to café String at Södermalm, one of my favourite cafés.

It's so so cozy! All the odd chairs, sofas, huge open windows that you sit in, enormous teacups and the infamous stoplight that you always bump your head into.. They also have a lower floor!

After that we went to Stockholms Stadsmission, a second hand store just down the street.

I found this super cool coat but it was way too big.. I did buy something tho, but I'll tell you further down!
Some wonderfully weird pictures from the store;

Something does not belong here..

Then we went to the expensive but always loved Beyond Retro! Most people know about their huge store at Drottninggatan, but they also have two stores at Södermalm, and those are my favourites.

The Queen!

Beyond Retro is great for finding really unique second hand treasures. ♡

The ant and the snail! If I could, I would live in that store forever..
This is what I bought at Stockholms Stadsmission!
It's super silly but I just had to have it.. It's a perfect autumn sweater.

And my outfit for the day! Went super simple but I had a long day in school.
Shirt: Second Hand // Necklace: H&M // Everything else if from eBay

Really liking the "too much blush" make-up lately.. And my necklace is gold teeth, too bad they don't show up good in photos.

That's all for this time. ♡

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4 Responses to “Second hand Söder”

  1. Too bad for the coat, but the sweater is super cute!!! I'd like shops like this in Milan too, here secon hand shops are kinda snobby and cost a lot, to buy second hand clothes for a good price you have to go rummaging in market stalls and sometimes the stuff is not even clean.

    1. I will continue my search for a cute winter coat! Isch, that sucks.. ):

  2. Beyond Retro is one of my favourite vintage stores, trying to save up to get marine-related items ;u; ♥ I really love your outfits and make-up!! They've always been an inspiration for me. Hope you had a nice day ~

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    1. Thank you so much! Yes, Beyond Retro is lovely but kinda pricey.. But it can be fun saving up for something you really want, cheers! ♡