Quick outfit and make-up for early friday, for going to psychologist + school.
Skirt, shirt, bag: H&M // Scarf: Second hand // Beret, phone case: eBay

I went home and switched clothes, did the rest of my make-up and went to Kawaii International's event at Kawaiidesign in Stockholm! So many fabulous people, wow !
(excuse me for some blurry/bad pictures, it was way too dark and I was all shaky haha)

I tried to take a group picture but my babydoll came running at me.. Then my waifu, and then Amanda..

Kawaii Badass/my kokoro Mikuru

My Babydoll Jen looking adorable in pastel Cult Party-kei

Always adorable Robin in lolita and Amanda, looking like something straight out of an old shojo manga!

Teppo is just.. Wow!

The wonderful panda queen aka Agnes rocking a plaid BABY, the Stars Shines Bright dress with a leather jacket,
some serious autumn inspiration right here!

I saw cult party cuties!

I myself was matching with my sis, brown haired strawberry twins! ♡

Blouse, skirt: Taobao // Tights, wig, cherry: eBay // Ribbon: Beyond Retro // Beret: Second hand // Shoes: Bodyline

After the event at Kawaiidesign we went out to celebrate my silver sibling Zero!
First we went to a karaoke bar called KARA&E, we sung everything from Abba to Metallica to Pink Floyd to Lady Gaga.. Then we went to Göta Källare, really grown fond of that place! (and my name was on the VIP list so we all got in for free).
Some wonderful pictures from the evening;

Daniel jumped in and tried to copy my pose..

The clones (birthday boy himself included!).. And John.

Pella, aka babe of the universe.

Ending this with the best group photo ever taken;

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5 Responses to “KARA&kawaii”

  1. OMG!!! You are the most beautiful! With the strawberry dress!! *o*

  2. Aww that strawberry outfit is so cute <3

    ~ Sann

  3. wooow *-* I love your outfits, you're so cute!

    I'm a new follower, here's my blog if you want to check it :3