N Y C ☆ part 2 - shopping!

Shopping! Here are most of the things I bought during my stay in New York City

It's a bit mixed - mostly casual stuff but also things that would work for gyaru, cult party kei, shironuri and street style!

H&M: Red dress
Really simple but I've wanted a dress like this for a long time, and I've really grown fond of red lately! And it fits perfectly ♡

Forever 21: Betty Boop Sweater // Soft knitted pastel sweater
The Betty Boop sweater is currently one of my favourite clothing items.. It's a bit kitschy, wonderfully oversized, super comfy and cozy!
The knitted one is so so cute, I feel like an ice cream when I wear it..

Second hand: Pippi cardigan // Vintage chiffon robe
The cardigan for casual looks, and maybe mori girl?
The robe for cult party kei or maybe shironuri..!

Second hand: School girl like skirt // Fake suede shorts // Flower printed dress/top
The skirt is super cute and comfy, and it's a really good fit! Will use it for casual outfits, or maybe something school girl inspired.
The shorts are too big but they look so nice.. Will try to coord them with something for a gyaru like look, and they are super soft too!
The dress/top is actually sleepwear, but I will use it as a cute top instead, maybe with the shorts.

Second hand: Pink Sweater // Century 21: Badger cardigan
Just a simple pink sweater to use when it's cold, it was really cheap too!
We went to Century 21, a huge department store..! The only thing I found after almost two hours of searching was a badger cardigan. It was so unique and cute so I just had to buy it.. It's really soft too. ♡

 Random stores: 5 pairs of tights (dark blue, white, lilac and 2 pink) // Cat collar (for me.. It was cute okay) // Foundation // Brown eyeliner // Concealer // Heart jewelry - a necklace, bracelet and two earrings // Pink fluffy socks
Second hand: Betty Boop wallet - the wallet I currently use, it holds a lot and it's perfect!
MoMA store: A pink soap with a bite mark - it smells wonderfully of lemon, will have it on my shelf
Grocery store: A can of Campbells tomato soup.. As a Warhol fan I just had to, we don't have those cans in Sweden..

Bookstore: 0,5 mm black gel pen - forgot all my ink pens in Sweden and this one looked so nice..!
John Green: Looking for Alaska - Finished his book The Fault in Our Stars when I was there, so bought this one
Julie Maroh: Blue is the Warmest Color - Really want to see the film, but I want to read this one first! Saving it for a cozy night at home ♡
Grocery store: A package of original skittles - No idea why I haven't eaten those yet.. But I will.

Other things I bought was mostly gifts and such, so couldn't show them here! Well, that was my NYC blog posts.. Oh, if you would like a review/closer look at something just tell me. ♡

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