N Y C ☆ part 1

As some of you know, I got a trip to New York with my dad for my birthday! We spent a week there and it was lovely but cold, I really fell in love with the city. Never been to The States before, so this was big..!

Not going to go into detail about what we did, because we mainly walked around, ate good food, looked at stuff and just had fun! Neither of us are much for tourist stuff, and my dad has been in New York before.

We lived at a really strange and interesting hotel in central Manhattan (5 minutes from Time Square!) for the first three night. It was named YOTEL and the whole hotel had a real sci-fi feeling to it (they had a huge robot arm that took care of your luggage for example)!

The entrance.. I mean, just look at it! More pictures on their website: http://yotelnewyork.com/

For the rest of the trip we rented an apartment in Brooklyn, it was lovely!
Here comes a bunch of pictures my dad took, I barely took any pictures because my phone memory was full, and my hand were super cold 99% of the time..

We ate so much good food! We found a great place in Korea town, best kimchi I ever had!

In Central Park and then at the airport, just before we left..

We also visited some relatives! My dad's cousin to the left, and his lovely daughter. ♡

Strawberry Fields.. This was big for me and my dad, I have wanted to visit this for a long time, I really want to see it in the summer too!

Found a weird beetle sticker in Brooklyn, I really loved how the walls were so cluttered with things! There was inspiration everywhere. ♡
And here's some pictures I took!

My dad looks like a really nice walrus ♡

Fact: I'm obsessed with everything food-ish in small packages - if it's in a cute little package/bottle/carton I want it, no matter if it's caviar or chocolate pudding or milk. I got way too exited when I found mini pies for under one dollar.. And then I found goat milk, strawberry flavoured! (as a milk allergic goat milk is great, for being milk that is)

Went second hand shopping in Brooklyn, found these amazing (but a bit too small..) shoes, and a Yoko pillow..?

Kudos to my dad for making me eat properly ♡

Obligatory food collage - everything was so delicious..
Peking duck noodle soup // American banana pancakes // Best frozen yoghurt I ever had // Tonkatsu, and bento in the background

That was part one! Part two will be about my shopping finds, stay connected ♡
If I'm ever going back to New York, is there something I need to do that I missed out? Because I would love to go back!~

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  1. amazing. next time you go, i definitely recommend visiting kinokuniya, toy tokyo, and uniqlo.