Just a bunch of outfits

Wow I'm a terrible blogger, really..
I've been quite busy, not with school because I have holiday, but with other things - some that I might reveal soon! Been hanging out a lot with old and new friends too, that you might know if you follow me on instagram haha. Been buying a lot of new clothes too (as if I needed more..)!

As usual, super late outfit rundowns!

For Sebbe's housewarming party, had a blast! (it was 80's themed, I would not normally wear that.. I think)
Top: Taobao // Shorts, glasses, socks: eBay

Some lazy outfit for a cold day
Hat, cross, glasses: eBay // Top: Taobao // Skirt, socks: H&M // Sweater: Adidas

PANTS, wearing jeans for the first time in years! (I'm serious) I kinda liked it I think, at least it was warm.. Also wore my modified sweater for the first time, originally the text was beige.
Beret, hairclip: eBay // Sweater, shoes: H&M // Pants: Second hand // Necklace: Dollarstore

Tried something at least a bit new, fell in love with this crop top!
Top: H&M // Skirt: Bodyline // Necklace: New York // Pin: Taobao // Rest: eBay

Clubbing outfit! Me and Sebbe matched this day
Top, socks, garters: H&M // Skirt: Topshop // Choker: eBay

More casual outfit for a nice get-together at my friend's!
Top, pin: Taobao // Skirt, glasses: eBay // Socks: H&M

Then something happened.. I cut my hair short, haven't regretted if for a second

Outfit for dinner with an old friend
Beret: eBay // Shirt, skirt, flowers: H&M // Jacket, shoes: Taobao // Necklace: Vivienne Westwood

Casual outfit for a busy day in school..
Beret, skirt: eBay // Shirt, cardigan: Second hand // Pin: Taobao // Necklace: Lindex

Bought this skirt quite a while ago but never got around wearing it more than once for half a year..
Top, pin: Taobao // Choker: eBay // Skirt, shoes: H&M

New dress, made a casual nurse themed coord!
Beret, dress, socks, glasses: eBay // Shoes, earrings: Taobao

We went to see Maleficent, so made a Flora (Sleeping Beauty) themed coord!
Dress: Taobao // Glasses: eBay // Flowers: H&M // Tights: Dollarstore

Me and my waifu was walking around in town and we bumped into Tora and some other super cute people!
Beret, glasses, shirt, skirt: eBay // Socks, shoes: H&M

My first cult party-kei coord for this year.. I really wish I wore it more. Of course I dressed up with my Babydoll!

Beret, glasses, hairclip, necklace, lace collar: eBay // Pins, shoes, bow: Taobao // Bag: Beyond Retro // Rest: Second hand

Also a really casual coord.. I got something for big cozy shirts haha, they look so cute!
Beret, hairclip: eBay // Shirt: Second hand // Pin: Taobao

Promise to update soon again, until then Babydolls ♡

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