Totally radical weekend plans ☆

I'm really busy with the last weeks in school right now, so that's why I don't blog so much. I will get better when I have more time! So, just a quick entry with some updates.
I got my package from taobao and wow, I love everything! I had no problems whatsoever with my order or shopping service (taobaoring) and will write more about them when I do my taobao entry.

Here are the things I got! ♡

Some recent outfits:

Well, Sweden got cold again, so back with the sweaters!
Beret, Scarf: Second Hand // Sweater, glasses, tights: H&M //
Suspenders, shorts, shoes: eBay // Pins: Taobao & Harajuku

Simple outfit for a gig and hangout with friends!
Tights: H&M // Rest: eBay

My outfit for Harajuku STHLM, a J-fashion themed flea market
Shirt, cardigan, skirt: Second Hand // Tights: H&M //
Shoes, beret, glasses, cherry pins: eBay // Pins: Handmade & Harajuku

First coord after my taobao order got here..! Really casual and comfy, just went for fika with Kokoro
T-shirt, pin: Taobao // Shorts, suspenders, glasses: eBay // Tights: H&M // Cardigan, beret: Second Hand

Bunny themed easter coord!
Dress, shoes, tights, pin: Taobao // Headband: Bodyline // Purse: Sanrio

Loved this coord, it just felt so.. Right.
Top, skirt, socks, shoes: H&M // Bow, earrings: Taobao // Glasses, necklace: eBay // Jacket: My mother's

And finally yesterday's coord for a cozy movie night with friends!
Dress, pin: Taobao // Beret, glasses: eBay // Socks: H&M

Today I'm going to my Sebbes's Totally Radical 80's housewarming! Preparations are being made..

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  1. Awesome haul! Would you have a link for the fairy ehyphen dress in your movie night co-ord? :3 I've been searching and the colours I've found don't seem to match yours :o