Spring Sneak Peek!

Finally getting warmer here in the land of eternal winter!
I'm planning to write about spring fashion soon, so stay tuned ✿
Recently bought my ticket for the Swedish convention NärCon 2014, who will I see there?

I also got a really pleasant surprise this morning..!~ But first two recent outfits:

Went to see Overworld and Kerbera at Kafé 44, two great swedish bands. You should check them out, Kerbera are actually playing today at Huset in Huddinge and are soon releasing a new music video! Kept my outfit nice and simple for the gig.
Skirt, t-shirt, tights: H&M // Glasses: eBay

Then I got sick and didn't leave my house for two days, but when I finally got out I celebrated by putting together a spring-ish outfit!
Shirt: Second hand // Skirt, glasses: eBay // Tights: Taobao //
Shoes: H&M // Bow: Handmade // Pin: Harajuku

Now about the surprise I got this morning, my taobao order is currently on its way to Sweden! I figured since spring and summer were around the corner, some new clothes seemed like a great way to welcome the sun! So I made an order some time ago.

I used a shopping service called TaoBao Ring, I will write more about them when my order gets here but I really recommend them so far! One reason is because they take photos or your order before sending it to you, so here's the things that are on the way to my house:

So excited!
What taobao is and how do to order + pretty much everything you need to know can be found HERE
I promise to take own photos and do a review when they get here! Until then, take care. ♡
(silly glasses will definitely be one of my spring fashion points)

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3 Responses to “Spring Sneak Peek!”

  1. Woah, I am excited to the review. I use the same shopping service and they sure are GREAT.
    And wow, you bought a lot! May I ask how much you had to pay for it? /)0(\
    I'm always a bit worried to buy (too) many things because of the fees and all in the end...
    Or is there a tip you could give me to get a lot of things for small price? Like, how to target the things I want properly (oh god do I make sense), because I only used to buy from taobao one or two times;

  2. Omg you're so cute and beautiful!! <3

  3. Hey,cutie I want to buy the same clothes from taobao as you too. Can you send me the link of each cloth???😍😍😎