Mori Girl (◡‿◡✿)

Hi! Long time no blogging, I have a break from school now so I've been home the whole week just watching anime and playing games.. I was at NärCon Vinter a week ago, but I'll write something about that later, because now I'm going to talk about the style mori girl!

Mori girl or kei is a Japanese street style gives a natural and down to earth look. Mori means forest in Japanese, so the name "forest girl" is kinda self-explanatory. The style tries to capture a look of a girl living in the forest.

Some typical mori girl characteristics/guidelines:

✿ loose clothes 
Clothes hangs loosely and almost flows when you move.
✿ vintage or handmade items 
Many second hand and handmade items are perfect for mori kei.
✿ forest like accessories 
Flowers, hampers, mushrooms, even deer antlers!
✿ natural and earthy colours 
Often beige and natural colours, type of fabric is also very important. Cotton and wool in warm down to earth colors or deep earthy shades like burgundy, dark green, dark blue or brown are perfect.
✿ everything soft and comfortable 
Again, type of fabric matters. Clothes that looks worn and a bit too big made of soft materials are great.
✿ layering 
Layers layers layers. Mori girl have a lof of different looks, so layers are not necessary, but it's my favorite type of mori kei and it's very common.
✿ lots of knit-wear, crochet, and fur 
Knitted scarves, ponchos, mittens or almost anything are perfect. Tails and fur details really strengthens the mori look.
✿ looking like a part of the forest 
This is the look you're aiming for!

I'm not going to explain deeper than this, because I think it's better to look at a lot of pictures and be inspired instead! Hair, make up and footwear is of course important to the style, but this is a lot more about personal preference. As I said, look at how other people do!

At last, my version of mori girl, enjoy! ✿

Some Mori girl tumblrs;
Also, tips on more mori tumblrs would be great!

I also found a "mori checklist" that defines the style.. more or less!
Mori girl is a really wide style and fits almost anyone! (Boys can of course fit perfect in mori kei too!)

Have you dressed in mori kei or would you like to?

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2 Responses to “Mori Girl (◡‿◡✿)”

  1. I'm a mori girl myself (or at least consider myself as one) but I try to mix it a bit with gyaru sometimes since I'm a teenager and wanna look a bit sexy sometimes :p
    I just came across your blog today and love it ^^
    your mori cooord is even better then mines XD
    Visit my blog if you want to please, would make me so happy :D

  2. I love a lot of styles, but my favourite is mori girl and I wear it (or a toned down version of it) almost daily. I try to mix it with other styles I like too, like punk. I know it sounds crazy XD
    I really really like your version of the style even if I usually prefer less layered outfits as they are more confortable for daily wear.